News / September 29, 2014

Don’t Miss It
Free Shipping for 2 Days!

Free Shipping is how we’re going to reward our readers this October. For ONLY TWO DAYS, — Oct 2 &Oct 3 — shipping fees will be automatically waived on any purchase of victionary books from our online shop (Hong Kong Time, or UTC+0800). October offer applies to international and domestic (Hong Kong) orders, but conditions apply. For shipping and handling, please check details here. For enquiries, please contact:

News / September 10, 2014

September offer
Boost your orange zest with awesome discount!


As autumn arrives and turns everything orange and ginger, victionary celebrates the ORANGE tone with awesome discount for 2 weeks! Get 25% off great orange titles like Palette 04: Neon (orange jacket), Palette 05: Pastel (Peach) and 64GB. Go boost your shelf with a pop of orange now!