News / July 07, 2015

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PALETTE 06: Transparent

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As the most recent addition to a set of five volumes on designs by tone, PALETTE 06: Transparent kicks off the new cycle of design practice where visibility is called into question. In three sections sorted by opacity, transparency and then everything in between, this book demonstrates how interactive symphonies of light, colours and textures can be achieved through the inventive use of materials, paper and printing.

News / July 07, 2015

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Special Edition

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Presenting a medley of playful and masterfully crafted designs from around the world, Special Edition focuses on product packaging that stands out for its engaging concept, unexpected choice of material or artistically elaborate design. Tailored to celebrate a unique product or extend a brand, these solutions come often about as the result of a one-off creative collaboration. From sneakers to designer toys and wines to confectioneries, almost any consumer brand or product can benefit from an inspiring makeover, as seen within the pages of Special Edition.

News / July 07, 2015

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