News / August 03, 2017

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BRANDLife: Boutique Hotels & Hostels

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The boutique hotel trend shows no sign of slowing down with stylish lodgings popping up everywhere for any budget. More than just a shelter for trippers to rest their tired heads, contemporary boltholes are also meant to be social clubs, gallery space, and a gateway to local culture and stories. Some may even aspire to become an attraction themselves, offering one-of-a-kind hideaways to add an extra layer to travellers’ short stays.

BRANDLife:Boutique Hotels & Hostels aims to foreground the hotel brand identities that have resisted our culture of hospitality through ingenuity and ambition. Through case studies, colourful showcases and interviews with leading hoteliers and brand specialists, readers will acquire a rare insight into how these visionaries corner the market and remarkably connect customers from around the world. The book is a sequel to BRANDLife: Café & Coffeehouses which examines modern café brand visions applied to visual identities and space.


News / August 03, 2017

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Camo Mania

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Camo Mania presents a new generation of camouflage-inspired pattern designs. Originally invented to conceal and protect in battlefields, these patterns take up more colours, forms and meanings on packaging, fabrics and canvas as art. Rich and powerful, they engross public gaze in busy environments and stand the test of time as decorative elements or collectable artwork.

Featuring a plethora of disruptive patterns constructed from types, objects, colours and shapes, the showcase reveals the diverse and flexible approaches that aim to decorate, reinterpret the functions of camouflage and subtly honour its unique type of design. From brand identities to event communications, and fashion styling to spatial art creations, the projects in this book epitomise the dynamic play of patterns in current designs.