News / September 18, 2018

Out now!
Up & Down

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From the misty hilltops of distant lands to the freezing depths of the Arctic Ocean, Up & Down splits various settings into two fun perspectives that will intrigue little explorers. With over 500 contextual words labelled throughout 20 beautifully illustrated scenes, young readers will get to build their vocabulary while developing an eye for detail and a new sense of wonder about our world.

News / September 18, 2018

Coming soon!
ZOOM: An Epic Journey through Circles / Squares / Triangles

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The ZOOM series takes young readers on epic journeys that begin from the tiniest of details to the limits of the imagination through delightful illustrations filled with shapes. As they follow simple die cuts, every new page reveals a small twist to the story and a slightly expanded view of the world; hinting at how fun and full of possibilities new perspectives can be. Peppered with questions that promote interactivity, each ZOOM book is bound to make story time more interesting and playful for parents and children alike.