News / November 22, 2019

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BRANDLife: Restaurants & Bars

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Although the taste and quality of the food and beverages served matter when it comes to dining out or drinks after dark, anticipation and ambience is essential to overall enjoyment. BRANDLife: Restaurants & Bars demonstrates how effective graphic identities and interior spaces are in building compelling brand narratives and creating the perfect setting for new stories, memories, and relationships. Featuring conversations with NoHo Hospitality Group, A Work of Substance, Glasfurd & Walker, DA Architecture & Design, and Masquespacio, the book showcases a curation of stunning visual identities and Instagram-friendly establishments where the menus perfectly complement the milieus.

News / November 18, 2019

Out now!
Botanical Inspiration

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Besides being the basis of Earth’s survival, plants have also always been an important source of creative inspiration, ingenuity, and expression. From global explorers like Sir Joseph Banks who recorded never-seen-before species to impressionist painters like Édouard Manet who captured the subtle beauty of the everyday, many artists and illustrators have used flora as a powerful means to convey the essence of our very existence. Botanical Inspiration is a visual collection of nature in art and illustration by talented creatives around the world today spanning a variety of techniques and styles. It makes the perfect resource book for aspiring or working creatives, and a gift for lovers of nature and the wild.

News / November 06, 2019

Coming soon!
PALETTE mini 01-03 (Black & White, Multicolour, Gold & Silver)

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viction:ary’s PALETTE colour-themed series remains one of the most sought-after sources of reference for designers around the world. Its first three editions – Black & White, Multicolour, and Gold & Silver – form the basis of a classic collection that continues to be relevant and reliable through the variety of compelling projects featured. To meet the ever-changing demands of creative practitioners today, these books have been repackaged and redesigned under the all-new PALETTE Mini series. With the addition of several new projects to enrich content further, readers will now be able to flip through over 600 postcard-sized pages of instant visual inspiration per edition. Upon release, you will be able to buy the books individually or as a bundle!