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Out now! Type for Type

Due to the challenges and complexities affecting the business world today, modern brands have to find eye-catching but effective ways to stand out. To this end, custom typefaces are being utilised by forward-thinking companies to establish powerful visual identities and build lasting legacies. Type for Type features some of the best custom type solutions from designers and studios all around the world such as Anagrama, Craig Ward, Kurppa Hosk, Neubau, and Pentagram – complemented by insightful conversations with luminaries from Monotype, Dinamo, Grilli Type, Sharp Type, and Colophon Foundry to inspire creative professionals and clients alike.

Coming soon! Botanical Inspiration

The jungalow aesthetic as popularised by artist, blogger, and entrepreneur Justina Blakeley has gained many fans over the recent years, and even as design trends have ebbed and flowed, the concept of bringing the beauty of the wild outdoors indoors continues to appeal to many; foregrounding pressing issues like sustainability and climate change. In recognising the role that flora has played since time memorial as a means of contemplation, a source of ideation, and the subject matter of memorable creative endeavours around the world, Botanical Inspiration is a compelling collection of nature in art and illustration by some of the best talents today, featuring various techniques, mediums, and styles to intrigue and inspire.

Out now! Material Matters: Wood/Metal/Stone/Paper

Artist and designers have always had the unique ability to be inspired by the most ordinary things to produce extraordinary work. By transforming common materials and timeless elements of nature in eye-catching and meaningful ways, they in turn inspire us to expand our perceptions and help us truly connect with the world around us.

In our MATERIAL MATTERS series, we explore various creative interpretations of wood, metal, paper, and stone that bring out the best in each material in celebrating tactility, technique, and thinking beyond boundaries. Get the complete set of all four books at our special bundle price now so that you won’t have to worry about missing out on a single edition!

Coming soon! BrandLife: Restaurants & Bars

What makes a restaurant or bar worth 5 stars? Besides the impeccable quality of F&B served and warm hospitality by staff, its visual identity and interior design also play a crucial role in ensuring that your dining and drinking experience is a welcoming and memorable one – whether it is your first visit or not. Our latest edition of BRANDLife looks into the most effective and eye-catching graphics and spatial solutions for some of the best restaurants and bars around the world with the power to transport its patrons to another time and place.

Out now! One Year in New York

Life in the Big Apple can be a surreal yet sobering experience, as seen through the (one) eye of Darcel Disappoints in One Year in New York. Through themed musings around the holidays, special events, and iconic experiences within the city, Craig Redman captures the magical, the mundane, and everything in between through his semi-autobiographical creation’s cynicism and comicality. An extension of his popular blog, whose titular character has been featured by renowned brands like Adidas, Vogue, Coca Cola, Uniqlo, and IKEA, it is a optimistically dour visual diary like no other.

Out now! Figure It Out

Why give up your love for toys just because you have ’grown up’? Our latest release in collaboration with @lioyeung––featuring art-toys by some of the best artists, designers, and producers from all over the world today––is a compelling look into a world that blurs the lines between creativity, the culture of collecting, and the simple joys of childhood. Figure It Out also includes interviews with industry luminaries like Medicom, coarse, Case Studyo, and Jason Freeny, as well as opinions by Christie’s HK and the ‘no.1 designer toy blog in the world’, The Toy Chronicle.

Coming soon! MATERIAL MATTERS: Wood / Metal / Paper / Stone

Whether they are used as a point of reference or the medium of creation itself, materials are integral to artists and designers who seek to explore fresh outcomes, experiment with new techniques, and elicit distinct responses from their audiences. Our new MATERIAL MATTERS series showcases stunning creative interpretations of some of the most common materials around us – namely wood, metal, paper, and stone – by exploring the compelling ways with which their unique characteristics can be cleverly drawn upon or thoughtfully transformed to shape the outcome of an art or design project.

Out now! The Typefaces

When it comes to teaching the alphabet, many books focus on its literary aspects and possibilities, but if one were to take a closer look, each letter offers so much more than meets the eye. The Typefaces by Scott Lambert combines letterpress printing, story-telling, and childlike observations to reveal the faces in type; making it a compelling learning tool and treasure trove of playfully hidden gems for the designer in every child and the child in every designer. Initially self-published in 2015, it has gone on to win several global design awards with its wit and charm since – culminating in the release of this brand new edition.

Out now! On the Road to Variable

The future of typography looks to be an exciting one, as more designers have begun to experiment and push the boundaries after the 2016 OpenType specification update online. In riding the wave towards the new frontier of type, renowned design agency TwoPoints.Net has curated over 120 projects for ON THE ROAD TO VARIABLE in hope of inspiring the next generation of creatives. The book also features insightful interviews with the founders of Dia and Studio Feixen, who share their journeys, thoughts, and visions for variable typography in time to come.

Coming soon! The Typefaces

Inspired by letterpress printing and childlike observations, The Typefaces by Scott Lambert are simply faces in type. Besides offering young readers a unique and compelling means to learn the alphabet, this award-winning book also sets out to encourage people to look at familiar things in different ways and elicit delight in new discoveries. In Scott’s own words, The Typefaces is for the designer in every child, and the child in every designer.

Out now! Design{h}ers

Although there is still a long way to go until we reach true equality, the last few years have been encouraging for women around the world. Featuring a foreword by Roanne Adams of RoAndCo Studio and interviews with luminaries Jessica Walsh from Sagmeister & Walsh, Verònica Fuerte of HEY, Yah-Leng Yu of Foreign Design Policy Group, and Hattie Stewart, DESIGN{H}ERS celebrates the here and now as an inspiring visual time capsule that captures the distinctive aesthetics and aspirations of the best in their fields, as we work towards a future where success is no longer defined by gender.

Out now! Incredible Bugs

Bugs are often seen as pests, but they are actually fascinating little creatures! Our upcoming release takes a closer look into their microscopic world, and reveals superpowers hiding in plain sight. From slugs that can stretch like chewing gum to ants that can lift astonishing weights, Incredible Bugs offers us a glimpse into their secret lives to show us how they are simply trying to survive like the rest of us. Featuring unique and quirky illustrations by Roberts Rurans and fun insect facts, it is a book celebrating nature like no other.

Coming soon! One Year in New York

What is it like to live for One Year In New York? Darcel Disappoints tells it like it is in our upcoming release by renowned artist and illustrator Craig Redman, whose semi-autobiographical creation has been making waves online and offline for over a decade. Experience the highs and lows of life in the Big Apple through his cynical, comical, and all-too-relatable diary-style musings on the euphoric, the mundane, and everything else in between.

Out now! BRANDLife: Concept Stores & Pop-ups

The future of retail looks to be an exciting one. Although digital storefronts continue to be born out of pure necessity in helping sellers and buyers connect all over the world, forward-thinking brands are becoming more creative in the ways that they engage and delight customers through compelling narratives and visceral physical experiences. BRANDLife: Concept Stores & Pop-ups showcases 60 distinctive projects that present a brand’s philosophies and products to the public through effective and eye-catching visual identities and interior spaces. Featuring interviews with top studios like Anagrama, Storey Studio, Rosie Lee, Torafu Architects, and MUJI – where we delve into the latter’s timeless appeal amid ever-changing tastes and preferences – this book is a must-have for fans of the series, design, and shopping alike.

Coming soon! DESIGN{H}ERS

The last few years have been encouraging and exciting for women around the world. While there is a lot more work to be done in the creative industry when it comes to diversity and representation, more talents are being seen as more voices are being heard. In recognising all their amazing work and how far they have come, DESIGN(H)ERS celebrates some of the top women in design today by featuring their personal experiences, work, and dreams. With a foreword by Roanne Adams of RoAndCo Studio and interviews by luminaries Jessica Walsh from Sagmeister & Walsh, Verònica Fuerte of HEY, Yah-Leng Yu of Foreign Design Policy Group, and Hattie Stewart, it is an inspiring visual time capsule that captures the distinctive aesthetics and aspirations of the best in their fields, as we work towards a future where success is no longer defined by gender.