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Free X’mas gift wrapping

Special delivery incoming! If you’re sending a package from us as a gift for your loved ones (or even yourself – we won’t judge!), be sure to get it gift-wrapped for FREE. Just leave us a note in the remarks box before paying for your order, and let the countdown to gifting season begin! (P.S. The gift will be wrapped as per our photo, with no other option/colours available.)

Shop now! OMG! 3-Day Sale

Calling all book lovers! It’s Thanksgiving + Black Friday weekend, so why not treat yourself and your loved ones to gifts full of inspiration and imagination? Whether you go for our latest Victionary bestsellers or timeless children’s titles under VICTION-VICTION, enjoy 25% OFF orders over US$90 from 21 to 23 November 2018. Happy shopping! (Coupon code: OMGSALE18)


Instagram has become one of the most popular platforms for creative minds and brands to express themselves through compelling compositions, beautifully stylised sets, and clever aesthetic concepts. Be inspired to up your own ‘gram game through INSTA-PERFECT, a book featuring some of the most stunning photography work on social media today with tips by some of our favourite visual experts.

Coming soon! On the Road to Variable

Technology has made the world of typography more exciting than before. While the legacies of classical type designers will always be respected and revered, the 2016 update to the OpenType specification online has paved the way for the new generation of digitally-savvy creatives to explore and experiment with new fonts across mediums. Curated and written by renowned design agency TwoPoints.Net, ON THE ROAD TO VARIABLE will showcase an inspiring array of projects and interviews with those who fearlessly push the boundaries and embrace the new frontier of type – the future of graphic design.

Out now! Graphic Fest

In a world of increasing visual clutter and decreasing attention spans, eye-catching and effective visual identities are important for events and festivals to attract, inform, and engage audiences. From logo and type design to installations and custom applications, our latest release, GRAPHIC FEST, showcases some of the best creative work around the world, with advice from three top studios for visual inspiration and levelling up your design skills.

Coming soon! BRANDLife: Concept Stores & Pop-ups

There is more to a concept store or pop-up than the products on display. Although they differ in lifespans and technical definitions, both spaces serve to form, nurture, and strengthen brand-customer connections in meaningful ways that cannot be done solely online. In our upcoming release under the popular BRANDLife series, find out how discerning studios around the world are creating authentic and delightful retail experiences through cleverly-designed visual identities and interiors; resulting in robust eco-systems built upon philosophy, style, and possibilities.

Out now! Flora & Fauna

For thinkers, dreamers, doers, and makers all over the world, nature has been an incredible source of inspiration since time immemorial. This is also why it is often the main subject in the results of their creative ruminations. Flora & Fauna captures this dichotomy perfectly through a stunning showcase of animal- and plant-related design projects and applications, with a special section on logos and icons. It makes a beautiful gift for lovers of the wild, and a compelling point of reference for students or professionals looking to take a leaf or two from some leading design studios’ books.

Coming soon! INSTA-PERFECT

Social media has made photography an essential and highly accessible means of expression for individuals and businesses alike. For brands looking to make a big impact in the digital realm, the smallest of details within a single frame can matter in attracting and engaging audiences from all around the world.

INSTA-PERFECT showcases some of the most stunning work on Instagram today by the creative movers and shakers who excel at compelling compositions, beautifully stylised sets, and clever aesthetical concepts. It also captures the voices of visual experts who offer insightful tips for producing eye-catching images with the power to stop viewers from simply scrolling on by.

Coming soon! Graphic Fest

Identity design plays an integral part in shaping the entire experience of a festival or fair even though it is often overlooked. As the first point of contact for potential visitors, it has to convey the right energy and emotion to attract the right crowd in addition to containing all the relevant content.

Graphic Fest shines the spotlight on distinctive identities that successfully express the essence of new and recurring festivals and fairs in creative ways. From logo and type design to environmental settings and custom applications, it is an informative and inspiring resource book that showcases the comprehensive and systematic approach designers and organisers take to bring events to life.

Out now! CITIx60: San Francisco City Guide

From the rainbow-hued Castro district to the ultra-trendy Haight-Ashbury enclave, San Francisco’s distinctive neighbourhoods fuse and fuel a colourful culture that collectively celebrates diversity. Jacketed in an illustrated city map by Andrea Nguyen, CITIx60 San Francisco gives you a varied taste of what the City of the Bay has to offer through the eyes of 60 local creative ambassadors; accompanied by Google Maps QR codes, top tips, and useful app recommendations to ease your trip.


A unique collaboration with the creative community from each of the selected cities, our CITIx60 City Guides point you to 60 recommended hotspots encompassing architecture, art spaces, shops, markets, dining, and entertainment. All featured artists and designers are at the cutting edge of what’s happening, and known for their accomplishments across the advertising, architecture, graphics, fashion, F&B, music, and publishing fields.


Track how far the CITIx60 series has travelled here.


As a special collaborative piece with viction:ary, the jacket for CITIx60: San Francisco is also available as an exclusive art print here.

Out now! CITIx60 Art Print Project: San Francisco City Map

As one of the most diverse and dynamic cities in the world, San Francisco offers a little bit of something for everyone. From iconic landmarks and architecture steeped in history to natural landscapes and neighbourhoods brimming with heritage and cultural happenings, it is a true traveller’s dream-come-true – a city teeming with unique eclecticism and energy that local illustrator and graphic designer Andrea Nguyen successfully brings to life through her exclusive piece for CITIx60: San Francisco.


Full and flush with as much detail as her canvas allows with empty spaces throughout that serve as pauses for breath, Andrea manages to capture both the vibrant charm and chilled out vibes of the City by the Bay in a delightful homage to her current home base; even alluding to its hippie roots through the chosen colour palette to let her personality, wit, and distinct style as a seasoned creative peek through.


The CITIx60 Art Print Project is an extension of viction:ary’s CITIx60 City Guides. A special collaboration for CITIx60: San Francisco between viction:ary and Andrea Nguyen, the San Francisco City Map is only available on as limited fine art prints – numbered and/or signed – following the publication of the guides.

Out now! ZOOM Series

The ZOOM series takes young readers on epic journeys that begin from the tiniest of details to the limits of the imagination through delightful illustrations filled with shapes. As they follow simple die cuts, every new page reveals a small twist to the story and a slightly expanded view of the world; hinting at how fun and full of possibilities new perspectives can be. Peppered with questions that promote interactivity, each ZOOM book is bound to make story time more interesting and playful for parents and children alike.

Bundle offer! Day & Night: Metropolis & Rainforest

Take a closer look at how a bustling metropolis and a magical jungle can both transform over 24 hours in beautifully illustrated panoramas that come to life at night through glow-in-the-dark ink. Delightful down to every last detail, each of the four 1.4-metred city- or forest-scape is full of unique characters, creatures, and objects bursting with colour – just waiting to be spotted by observant eyes! Our new Day & Night: Metropolis and Day & Night: Rainforest bundle will provide hours of endless fun for young explorers looking to learn more about our world.