News / July 06, 2017

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What’s That Face / My Adventure / FLIP&FUN

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Sharing viction:ary’s goal to celebrate and inspire creativity, VICTION-VICTION fascinates kids and adults alike! Filled with creative challenges and colourful illustrations, VICTION-VICTION spurs children into crafting, appreciating beautiful things and expressing their imaginative minds through play. Be ready to paint, draw, rub, mix stickers, invent funny stories, solve a puzzle and cast your mind back to your childhood with VICTION-VICTION books and games! Our very first collections include the What’s That Face series, My Adventure series and FLIP&FUN — perfect for parties and family fun!

News / March 01, 2017

Coming soon!
Endless inspiration for little readers


Coming soon in 2017 is VICTION VICTION, a new line of beautiful illustration books specially designed for little readers. With the same emphases on editorial direction and book design, these game and activity books aim to inspire and educate children everything this colourful world has to offer. Our debuting series include What’s That Face?, a book for role-playing and mask-making through collage, doodling and colouring; FLIP&FUN, flipbooks about colours in daily life; and My Adventure, a highly interactive card game that boosts creative storytelling. Stay tuned for more information!