News / July 09, 2018

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A to Z

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Curious about how your name came to be, or what it actually means? Featuring colourful illustrations by award-winning art director and designer Lio Yeung, A to Z depicts the imaginary adventures of over 200 alphabetical characters from the most popular names of our time.   Besides added inspiration for parents-to-be with a library of close to 500 name meanings, this book provides children with a unique way to learn more about the world around them without having to take life too seriously!

News / May 04, 2018

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OFF THE WALL — Art of the Absurd

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Humour is a funny thing. While it can help us forget how cruel and harsh our existence can be, what happens when the subject matter takes a dark and twisted turn? Are life’s bitter pills easier to swallow even when they are coated with the strange and surreal?

Brimming with cheerful colours, juxtaposed details and quirky characters, Off the Wall — Art of the Absurd presents bizarre yet bemusing illustrations of dark humour that explore the enigmatic minds of 30 artists as they walk the fine line between being funny and unsettling.

News / October 07, 2014

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Comics Feeeever!! — Comics in art and design

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Comics Feeeever!! uncovers the power of comics in art and design. With superheroes, classic toon characters and visual effects, 39 artists and designers blend imagination and reality loaded with wit, fascination, hope, and lust. Profoundly influenced by childhood reads and anime films, these creators from various cultures and backgrounds provoke thoughts relevant to different walks of life, connecting pop culture with high-art, childhood muses with current affairs, and fictional heroes with real ones.