News / November 13, 2014

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Illustrative Branding — Smashing illustrations for brands

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ILLUSTRATIVE BRANDING takes you on a beguiling journey through nearly 100 stellar projects and in-depth case studies on illustrated identities conceived for eateries, fashion labels, skincare products, enterprises, and many more. From delightful packaging, to tongue-in-cheek restaurant setting guarded by otherworldly creatures or serene naturescapes, all contributes to the whole of the brand experience, some even lure consumers into collecting tactile applications of the brand.

News / October 07, 2014

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Comics Feeeever!! — Comics in art and design

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Comics Feeeever!! uncovers the power of comics in art and design. With superheroes, classic toon characters and visual effects, 39 artists and designers blend imagination and reality loaded with wit, fascination, hope, and lust. Profoundly influenced by childhood reads and anime films, these creators from various cultures and backgrounds provoke thoughts relevant to different walks of life, connecting pop culture with high-art, childhood muses with current affairs, and fictional heroes with real ones.

News / August 26, 2014

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victionary bestsellers are available for order now!

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victionary bestsellers have returned to the rack for order! Whether you’re designer or design lovers with a weakness in food, monochrome designs or shiny objects, lay your hands on Eat Me, Black & White and Gold & Silver from our Palette series before they sell out again! Enjoy free worldwide shipping on any single purchase of USD200 or above. See Shipping and Handling at About for details.

News / June 11, 2014

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Get carried away by graphics that flow

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Fluid-inspired graphics stir up splashes of beguiling charm with their unruly form and spirit. Blessed with mutability, ink and paints are let loose from creatives’ hands to perform expected accidents in their work. Collating some 150 fascinating visual projects, Making a Splash: Graphics that Flow showcases how liquid mediums transfigure in brand identities, print & packaging, typography, visual arts and product design.

News / June 01, 2014

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The magical potion of fluid-inspired
art & design

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Fluid forms offer an insightful source of ideas by their capricious shapes and flexibility. When embodied by mediums as varied as ink, watercolour, paint, acrylic, and digital paintbrush, they create eye-popping designs that are truly unique and remarkable. Stay tuned for Making a Splash: Graphics that Flow, our new title which is about to blow your mind with flowing visuals.

News / April 30, 2014

Beyonderground x Helsinki in May

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Annual graphic design festival is once again honouring design and
creativity ‹ this time in the cool Helsinki! Festival organisers are Manon
Wethly + Pablo Hannon (Hectica), as well as Debora Lauwers + Daan Linsen
(Postcard of a Painting / Alley Art Gallery) ‹ four graphic designers and
friends from Belgium. Expect talks and exhibitions hosting international
names like Kokoro & Moi and Toykyo. For tickets and details, check

News / January 13, 2014

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PALETTE 05: Pastel

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Pastel lends much more than a mild sweetness to everyday life. Visually soft and womanly, the spectrum works surprisingly well to deny presumptions and challenge traditions in our modern culture. Through 110 recent designs, the fifth of PALETTE reveals the true potentials of this visually-soothing colour family.

News / November 13, 2013

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You Are Here

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Effective and compelling signage achieves a challenging balance between standing out and blending in. Separated into two sections You Are Here examines how new spaces and functions inspire architects and designers to innovate wayfinding approach, with a section singly focusing on characterful pictogram sets.

News / November 12, 2013

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British design scene is an exciting concoction of cultures and innovations continually enriched by determined and skilful design-makers from different generations and backgrounds 64GB is a sketch of its current landscape shaped by established and emerging creative units expert at art direction and graphic design.

News / September 24, 2013

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PALETTE 04: Neon

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Neon is not to be missed in the world of colours. Snazzy, daring and captivating, this spectrum emits light and let designs pop in the crowd. Collecting 110 recent visual projects, the fourth of PALETTE reveals fluorescent colours’ full potential in neon inks throughout.