News / October 07, 2014

October offer #2:
Missing Futura, Avant Garde & Franklin Gothic?


Enjoy October offer with 20% discount on I Love Futura (Vol.1), Avant Garde (Vol.2) & Franklin Gothic (Vol.6) till the end of the month. Masterly produced with Spanish type expert TwoPoints.Net., the I Love Type series is witness to the fashionable comeback and revival of time-honoured typefaces in contemporary design. The collection also features Bodoni (Vol.3), DIN (Vol.4), Gill Sans (Vol.5), Helvetica (Vol.7) and Times (Vol.8).

News / October 07, 2014

Out now!
Comics Feeeever!! — Comics in art and design

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Comics Feeeever!! uncovers the power of comics in art and design. With superheroes, classic toon characters and visual effects, 39 artists and designers blend imagination and reality loaded with wit, fascination, hope, and lust. Profoundly influenced by childhood reads and anime films, these creators from various cultures and backgrounds provoke thoughts relevant to different walks of life, connecting pop culture with high-art, childhood muses with current affairs, and fictional heroes with real ones.

News / October 07, 2014

“Here we are!”
victionary books at Frankfurt Book Fair 2014

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Find victionary books at the Frankfurt Book Fair, Hall 4.1 booth J95, opening this Wednesday October 8, 2014. At this once-a-year gathering of world publishers and booksellers, victionary will present our recent titles (and forthcoming ones) so be sure you come take a peep at them and share your thoughts. Book fair closes Friday October 12.

News / September 29, 2014

Don’t Miss It
Free Shipping for 2 Days!

Free Shipping is how we’re going to reward our readers this October. For ONLY TWO DAYS, — Oct 2 &Oct 3 — shipping fees will be automatically waived on any purchase of victionary books from our online shop (Hong Kong Time, or UTC+0800). October offer applies to international and domestic (Hong Kong) orders, but conditions apply. For shipping and handling, please check details here. For enquiries, please contact:

News / September 10, 2014

September offer
Boost your orange zest with awesome discount!


As autumn arrives and turns everything orange and ginger, victionary celebrates the ORANGE tone with awesome discount for 2 weeks! Get 25% off great orange titles like Palette 04: Neon (orange jacket), Palette 05: Pastel (Peach) and 64GB. Go boost your shelf with a pop of orange now!

News / August 26, 2014

Back in Stock!
victionary bestsellers are available for order now!

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victionary bestsellers have returned to the rack for order! Whether you’re designer or design lovers with a weakness in food, monochrome designs or shiny objects, lay your hands on Eat Me, Black & White and Gold & Silver from our Palette series before they sell out again! Enjoy free worldwide shipping on any single purchase of USD200 or above. See Shipping and Handling at About for details.

News / June 11, 2014

Out Now!
Get carried away by graphics that flow

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Fluid-inspired graphics stir up splashes of beguiling charm with their unruly form and spirit. Blessed with mutability, ink and paints are let loose from creatives’ hands to perform expected accidents in their work. Collating some 150 fascinating visual projects, Making a Splash: Graphics that Flow showcases how liquid mediums transfigure in brand identities, print & packaging, typography, visual arts and product design.

News / June 06, 2014

On the pulse of electronica
Sónar Barcelona 2014

The cites’ 21st International Festival of Advanced Music and New Media Art will be held from June 12 to 14. This year the festival premieres a new show by electronica royal Massive Attack, debuts Plastikman’s new live concept and presents an extravagant line-up of stars and emerging talents at Sónar by Day and Sónar by Night. Visit to check if your favourite artist is on the list.

News / June 01, 2014

Coming soon!
The magical potion of fluid-inspired
art & design

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Fluid forms offer an insightful source of ideas by their capricious shapes and flexibility. When embodied by mediums as varied as ink, watercolour, paint, acrylic, and digital paintbrush, they create eye-popping designs that are truly unique and remarkable. Stay tuned for Making a Splash: Graphics that Flow, our new title which is about to blow your mind with flowing visuals.

News / June 01, 2014

Let’s Travel!
CITIx60: Experience creative cities
anew with expert advice


Whether it’s a one-day stopover or a longer trip, CITIx60 is your inspirational guide. Initiated and edited by viction:ary, the pocket-sized collection sports an artistic edge with a handpicked list of hotspots loved by 60 stars of the cities’ creative scene, wrapped in a city map drawn by talented artists. Enjoy life and design with CITIx60 guides at Barcelona, Berlin, London, New York, Paris and Tokyo first, and stay tuned for our new editions.

News / June 01, 2014

Smashing Offer!
New flat rate and free worldwide shipping

Great news for friends and fans of viction:ary from around the globe! We now offer a flat shipping rate of USD15 per single order, no matter how many titles you get hold of at one go. Free worldwide shipping is on for purchases of or above USD200. Please click here for more details.

News / May 31, 2014

“Design is here!”
Barcelona Design Week 2014

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Stretching from June 2 to 14, the international forum of design, innovation and entrepreneurship has come to its ninth edition. Organised by BCD Barcelona Design Centre, the event once again networks creative-driven professionals through a series of conferences, presentations and workshops. This year’s guest country Israel also displays their inventiveness by a full programme of featured activities. For tickets and details, check

News / May 27, 2014

A bash for contemporary product design
DMY International Design Festival
Berlin 2014

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One of the most dynamic design festival is back! Starting from May 28 to June 1, the five-day event that enlivens Airport Berlin Tempelhof will showcase innovative ideas and artefacts of interior and product design by over 500 creative units. Two of the new sections this year includes Social Design, which addresses the concept of social change and DMY Market, where visitors spot limited edition design objects. For tickets and details, check

News / May 13, 2014

Available for sale!
I Love Type Limited Box Set

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The first batch of I Love Type Limited Box Set’s gone in a week and now a new batch is in stock and available for online order. In a limited edition of 300, I Love Type Box Set carries the full collection of I Love Type volume 1-8, with big sellers — Futura, Avant Garde, Bodoni, DIN, Gill Sans, Franklin Gothic — and new members Helvetica (vol. 7) and Times (vol. 8). Take your chance to take it home!

News / May 07, 2014

Back in Stock!
Identity Suite, I Love Bodoni & I Love DIN

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Even if you have missed the I Love Type box set, it’s not too late to complete your collection on classic typefaces with I Love Bodoni and I Love DIN now back in stock. Adding to the joy is the return of Identity Suite, a global review of corporate identity applied to stationery items, some of which are specially designed to fulfil specific uses. 

News / April 30, 2014

Beyonderground x Helsinki in May

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Annual graphic design festival is once again honouring design and
creativity ‹ this time in the cool Helsinki! Festival organisers are Manon
Wethly + Pablo Hannon (Hectica), as well as Debora Lauwers + Daan Linsen
(Postcard of a Painting / Alley Art Gallery) ‹ four graphic designers and
friends from Belgium. Expect talks and exhibitions hosting international
names like Kokoro & Moi and Toykyo. For tickets and details, check