News / May 27, 2014

A bash for contemporary product design
DMY International Design Festival
Berlin 2014

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One of the most dynamic design festival is back! Starting from May 28 to June 1, the five-day event that enlivens Airport Berlin Tempelhof will showcase innovative ideas and artefacts of interior and product design by over 500 creative units. Two of the new sections this year includes Social Design, which addresses the concept of social change and DMY Market, where visitors spot limited edition design objects. For tickets and details, check

News / May 13, 2014

Available for sale!
I Love Type Limited Box Set

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The first batch of I Love Type Limited Box Set’s gone in a week and now a new batch is in stock and available for online order. In a limited edition of 300, I Love Type Box Set carries the full collection of I Love Type volume 1-8, with big sellers — Futura, Avant Garde, Bodoni, DIN, Gill Sans, Franklin Gothic — and new members Helvetica (vol. 7) and Times (vol. 8). Take your chance to take it home!

News / May 07, 2014

Back in Stock!
Identity Suite, I Love Bodoni & I Love DIN

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Even if you have missed the I Love Type box set, it’s not too late to complete your collection on classic typefaces with I Love Bodoni and I Love DIN now back in stock. Adding to the joy is the return of Identity Suite, a global review of corporate identity applied to stationery items, some of which are specially designed to fulfil specific uses. 

News / April 30, 2014

Beyonderground x Helsinki in May

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Annual graphic design festival is once again honouring design and
creativity ‹ this time in the cool Helsinki! Festival organisers are Manon
Wethly + Pablo Hannon (Hectica), as well as Debora Lauwers + Daan Linsen
(Postcard of a Painting / Alley Art Gallery) ‹ four graphic designers and
friends from Belgium. Expect talks and exhibitions hosting international
names like Kokoro & Moi and Toykyo. For tickets and details, check

News / April 22, 2014

Out now!
I Love Type complete with a box!

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In a limited edition of 300, I Love Type Box Set carries the full collection of I Love Type volume 1-8, with big sellers — Futura, Avant Garde, Bodoni, DIN, Gill Sans, Franklin Gothic — and new members Helvetica (vol. 7) and Times (vol. 8). The set will be the complete reference for creative professionals working across branding, advertising, editorial and all other means of visual communication.

News / April 21, 2014

Out now!
Say I Love Helvetica & I Love Times!

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I Love Type is a survey of age-old types in present day designs, with one typeface in focus at a time. The collection continues to grow bigger. This time, in collaboration with TwoPoints.Net, the collection adds Helvetica and Times.

News / April 20, 2014

Coming soon!
New series, real serious!

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Are you ready for new discoveries? Greeting the world in May 2014, the new collection is a totally new and unique project that explores the creative bases of tastemakers and artists worldwide. Aspects span architecture and food. Look out for our announcement!

News / April 20, 2014

New website launched!
Experience viction:ary anew!

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Experience viction:ary afresh with our long-awaited new website! Revamp
adds a catalogue sorting viction:ary titles by design topics and collections, BEST SELLERS to highlight popular titles, and SPECIAL OFFERS
to surprise you. Don’t forget to create an account for simplified purchase procedures and regular news!

News / April 20, 2014

Check out
Our special appearance at Konzepp pop-up store!


Design-led concept store Konzepp is celebrating its 3rd anniversary at The Landmark, Hong Kong from April 17, with a pop-up shop featuring a range of viction:ary books. Stop by to check out our latest titles anytime! For details, visit or their facebook page.

News / January 13, 2014

Out now!
PALETTE 05: Pastel

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Pastel lends much more than a mild sweetness to everyday life. Visually soft and womanly, the spectrum works surprisingly well to deny presumptions and challenge traditions in our modern culture. Through 110 recent designs, the fifth of PALETTE reveals the true potentials of this visually-soothing colour family.

News / November 13, 2013

Out now!
You Are Here

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Effective and compelling signage achieves a challenging balance between standing out and blending in. Separated into two sections You Are Here examines how new spaces and functions inspire architects and designers to innovate wayfinding approach, with a section singly focusing on characterful pictogram sets.

News / November 12, 2013

Out now!

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British design scene is an exciting concoction of cultures and innovations continually enriched by determined and skilful design-makers from different generations and backgrounds 64GB is a sketch of its current landscape shaped by established and emerging creative units expert at art direction and graphic design.

News / September 24, 2013

Out now!
PALETTE 04: Neon

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Neon is not to be missed in the world of colours. Snazzy, daring and captivating, this spectrum emits light and let designs pop in the crowd. Collecting 110 recent visual projects, the fourth of PALETTE reveals fluorescent colours’ full potential in neon inks throughout.