Coming soon! DESIGN{H}ERS

The last few years have been encouraging and exciting for women around the world. While there is a lot more work to be done in the creative industry when it comes to diversity and representation, more talents are being seen as more voices are being heard. In recognising all their amazing work and how far they have come, DESIGN(H)ERS celebrates some of the top women in design today by featuring their personal experiences, work, and dreams. With a foreword by Roanne Adams of RoAndCo Studio and interviews by luminaries Jessica Walsh from Sagmeister & Walsh, Verònica Fuerte of HEY, Yah-Leng Yu of Foreign Design Policy Group, and Hattie Stewart, it is an inspiring visual time capsule that captures the distinctive aesthetics and aspirations of the best in their fields, as we work towards a future where success is no longer defined by gender.