It’s a Matter of Identity

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Released Date: March 01, 2004

Editor: Victionary

Specs: 230 x 287 mm, 184 pp

Format: six-colour, flexi over

Release date: March 2004

Language: English edition / Spanish edition

ISBN 13:978-962-86504-5-3
ISBN 10:962-86504-5-9


It’s A Matter Of Identity is the 2nd book of Amatterofdesign™ — a brand new series specifying in visual communication by Victionary—aims to pinpoint the up-to-the-minute work on Corporate Identity from an international perspective, consequently showcasing the true world trends.

You can find piles of quality work by over 50 design forces in total, plus four inspiring in depth interviews, including Build, London, founded by the CDs design expert, Michael C. Place; E-types, Copenhagen, a real melting pot of design cultures; So+ba, Tokyo, run by two Swiss designers whom met each other in the Far East; and Landor, London, who have offices in 16 countries.

These massive solutions on CI comprise of signage, logos, web site, stationary, packaging, advertising, print collateral, even environment… Each solution is tailor-made for a particular company, which much consideration of its own very individual belief and the situation it finds itself in.

An excellent CI package takes a company to higher levels. However the creation of the package itself is another profession. Are you with us?

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