It’s a Matter of Packaging (PB)

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Released Date: February 01, 2007

Editor: Victionary

Specs: 207 x 258 mm, 224 pp

Format: five-colour, softcover

Release date: February 2007

First released: August 2005

Language: English edition / Spanish edition

ISBN 13:978-988-98229-1-0
ISBN 10:988-98229-1-1


Everyday, we encounter different types of packaging, but how many of us truly appreciate the art of packaging? From food packaging to beverage containers, tissue boxes to CD covers, packaging is hard to be missed in our daily lives. Yet not many of us see packaging as a form of art. Are we taking it for granted because it is around us at all times? Or perhaps we see it simply as a marketing tool to sell products?


When was the last time you were excited by the packaging of a product? Did it persuade you to buy the product? Packaging is not only a powerful selling tool, it is also an effective method of communication that can stimulate the viewers’ senses. Good packaging can break through the language barrier and can stand the test of time.


The book is divided into three main sections: Visual, Touch and Idea, featuring work from almost sixty designers/companies around the globe. The work ranges from packaging of home accessories to food & beverages’, from books & catalogues’ to toy’s, from fashion & beauty’s to music’s. We also have interviews from three well-known packaging designers: Giannis Kouroudis from K2 design, Sayuri Shoji from Sayuri Studio and Tom Lancaster from Stylo Design. With the diverse collection of work, this book will arouse your senses, inspire your mind and encourage you to appreciate the art of packaging. Due to the huge demand, here comes the reprint for you! Instead of the hard cover, it is now in paperback and be hurry! Don’t miss out again!

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