It’s a Matter of Promotion

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Editor: Victionary

Specs: 230 x 287 mm, 184 pp

Format: six-colour, flexi over

Release date: March 2004

Language: English edition / Spanish edition

ISBN 13:978-962-86504-4-6
ISBN 10:962-86504-4-0


Nowadays promotion is almost all Buzz ideas. Never mind the means, it’s only the impact that counts. This book, “It’s A Matter Of Promotion”, stresses this harder. It zooms in on the hottest and latest promotional designs and related activities throughout the industry from around the planet, and so successfully showcases the true global trends.


As well as covering the interesting work of the more popular and well-established design units from around the world, it also collects the work of significant up-and-coming new blood. You can be sure to find an enormous bank of resources, no matter if you are the idea workers/designers, or their clients.


This “ideas scrapbook” collects, selects and showcases work, accompanied by clean and simple explanations of no more than 50 words each. It includes a wide range of categories, materials, and appearances that span the disciplines of direct mail, flyers, pamphlets, print ads, posters, self-promotional materials, CD/ music album covers, invitation cards, t-shirts, bags, window displays, POP and a lot more.


After all, may imagination be sparked off and inspiration be passed on.

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