Re-recognizing the essential of products

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Editor: Victionary

Specs: 190 x 240 mm, 312 pp

Format: full colour, hardcover with PVC and sandpaper jacket

Release date: July 2007

Language: English

ISBN 978-988-98228-6-6


[Art]ifact is about innovative product design that dare to go beyond the conventionality and bring a total havoc to our perception. With brilliant use of form (size and shape), material and colour, these designs stretch imagination beyond limits and create exceptional emotions and user interaction beyond the basic function. Challenging yet familiar, serious yet amusing, the titlele shows you a conglomeration of cosol, intelligent, playful, ironic and unprecedented designs, each with an extraordinary angle, idea or story that will tickle our brain and touch our heart.


The title is broken down intoconsists of three core sections – Observe, Fun and Interaction. Aiming to ask readers to look beyond their simple forms and functions, objects reveal details that are often overlooked by the communal are selected for the Observe section. While for designs that are shown in Fun, they are creation that is simply hilarious and help adding colours and amusement to our daily lives. The last but not the least, interactive design is included at the end of the book. Ideas that add an extra value to an object, enable interaction with end-users and help people with efficient ways to better communicate between themselves, will all be demonstrated in this part. This is absolutely an invaluable source of inspiration and stimulation for product designers, industrial designers and all creative individuals. So let’s spread the pages and be inspired!

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