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Big Day

Editor: Victionary

Specs: 190 x 255 mm, 264 pp

Format: full colour, hardcover

Language: English

ISBN 978-988-77746-9-3

Original price: USD 39.95 / £29.95 / HKD 298


Handstyle Lettering

Editor: Victionary

Specs: 190 x 205 mm, 256 pp

Format: full colour, softcover

Language: English

ISBN 978-988-77148-4-2

Original price: USD 34.95 / £27.95 / HKD 268



Timeless approaches, maverick spirits, and expert advice aplenty: Big Day abounds with beautiful imagery, must-know information, and top tips you need to streamline a unique bash that ensures a great time for everyone. From the delectable designer cakes to floral arrangements, wedding gowns and accoutrements, top professionals in the industry share insights on their field and suggest ways to balance your wants and needs. At the core, an engaging showcase punctuates these pointers with inspiring photography collections and custom stationery samples that make memories in a variety of locations and cultures. Whether you’re opting for a small and simple party, or a fairytale-themed one filled with guests, this book is a definite guide to enjoy the planning as much as celebrating your love and union.





Between calligraphy and typography stands the age-old art of hand-lettering, which encompasses both forms while retaining its own character and individuality. Whilst we depend over-abundantly on the digital form and type printing, Handstyle Lettering represents the comeback and resurgence of the titular art, returning the human touch and warmth that has been lacking in our digital age.


The book acts as an inspiring introduction to the world of hand-lettering through its three sections, kicking off with a series of artist interviews then expanding into a showcase of artworks that is anything but unvaried. Distinct characters bleed through the pages in ink, chalk, graphite, black, monochrome, splashes of colours, between structured and abstract, from retro designs to extravagant classics to illustrative mixed styles to striking logos. Shunning uniformity, 42 international artists with the most sought-after works contributed to create a guide to the aged technique accompanying our contemporary culture, and top it off with an exclusive step-by-step guide on how to perfect the craft.

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