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Botanical Inspiration + Flora Fauna

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Botanical Inspiration

Editor: Victionary

Specs: 180 x 235 mm, 288 pp

Format: full colour, hard cover

Language: English

ISBN 978-988-79034-9-9


Flora & Fauna

Editor: Victionary

Specs: 190 x 255 mm, 256 pp

Format: full colour, softcover with jacket

Language: English

ISBN 978-988-78501-6-8



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A world without plants is a world without life, both literally and figuratively. Besides forming the very basis of human survival on Earth, they are also an important source of creative inspiration, ingenuity, and expression. From scientific explorers like Sir Joseph Banks who travelled across the globe in search of never-seen-before species to impressionist painters like Édouard Manet who sought to capture the subtle beauty of everyday objects, many artists and illustrators have used flora as a powerful means to convey the essence of our very existence.


Botanical Inspiration is a timeless collection of artwork and illustrations that feature flora and its many facets through a variety of visual concepts, styles, and techniques. It speaks to lovers of both nature and creativity as a universal language in itself, thoughtfully interpreted by some of today’s most intriguing and interesting talents.





Creative people are often known to seek inspiration from nature. Besides providing the setting for ideation and imagination, it is a canvas full of complex shapes and lines interwoven with each other, countless varieties of colour palettes, as well as diverse tones and textures that set distinct moods and atmospheres.


Flora & Fauna explores the ways with which these timeless elements have been re-interpreted and incorporated into modern branding and design work. Spanning a wide range of project types such as logos, icons, packaging and print ads, it showcases a world of creativity as diverse as nature itself.

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