Comics Feeeever!!

Uncover the power of comics in art and design

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Editor: Victionary

Specs: 174 x 220 mm, 364 pp

Format: full colour, softcover with slipcase

Release date: October 2014

Language: English

ISBN 978-988-12228-9-3



Comics is a frenzied world that seems realistic yet unattainable. Creatively woven out of wit, fascination, hope, and lust, this graphic art category progressively develops into a rich, graphic projection of human nature and realities of life. Up in the cosmos, down to hell or far to a future space, these thought-provoking artworks reflect different world views on politics, religious, social norms, good and evil that identify with cultures in the West and the East.


Loaded with cute sexy characters, superheroes and classic childhood toons, Comics Feeeever!! captures how familiar comics, manga, cartoon, anime and pop art icons and vocabularies take on new meanings at the present times by means of street art, lifestyle products, installations, fashion, and advertising campaigns. With 12 interviews next to a inspired showcase, the book reviews extensively the works of 39 artists and designers that celebrate real life heroes, feminism, cultural heritage and the language unique to this theme.

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