Dark Inspiration

Grotesque illustrations, art
and design

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Editor: Victionary

Specs: 170 x 220 mm, 272 pp

Format: full colour, softcover with jacket

Release date: October 2010

Language: English

ISBN 978-988-19438-1-1 



It is not about what is depicted in these works, but the tone set in the interesting collage of elements that inspires and haunts at once. Sophisticated in its impact, dark art narrates beyond the eclectic mix of sources on display. It is sensuous, intriguing and beautiful for the true feelings it conveys and constitute deep heart-searching in artists and a sober view of life.


Indulge yourself in the infinity of darkness in the most evocative lexicons and gloomy motifs brought together by Dark Inspiration, comprising the portfolios of 42 artists, including Kate MacDowell, Audrey Kawasaki, Zhou Fan, Fuco Ueda and Jesse Auersalo from around the world. The collection includes illustrations, sculptures, digital renderings and photography work.

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