Design • Taste

Graphics+Interiors for Café, Bars and Restaurants

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Editor: Victionary

Specs: 200 x 255 mm, 256 pp

Format: full colour, hardcover with poster jacket

Release date: April 2009

Language: English/Japanese

ISBN 978-988-98229-9-6



Food satisfies hunger and fulfills human souls. In a market where chefs’ cleavers have to compete with others’ passion and innovative minds, strategic design in cafés, bars and restaurants with attractive interior and graphic elements are always the key to stand out and win customers’ heart.


With four in-depth case studies, Design • Taste gives you a round-the-world tour to hottest cafés, bars and restaurants that serve varied dishes to people with a different taste for food, uncovering how design talents inspire customers with astonishing environments and graphics in whatever form you can touch and see when you dine out, such as logo, signage, name card, menu, uniform, tableware, you name it. Find out how these visuals spice up your dining experience in our latest release. Bonus poster depicting the typical table setting of a modern home included.

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