Fashion Unfolding

Uncover the power of graphics
in fashion

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Editor: Victionary

Specs: 205 x 280 mm, 256 pp

Format: full colour, flexi cover

Release date: August 2007

Language: English

ISBN 978-988-98228-8-0



To uncover the power of graphics in fashion, Fashion Unfolding demonstrates how graphic design alters our fashion sense and influences our choices of purchase through media such as prints on apparel, promotional items like print ads, posters, brochure and even price tags, displays and decorations, etc.


Not with surprise, graphic design has slipped into all perspectives and coherent with all aspects of design areas such as industrial design, interior design, and most commonly and noticeably – fashion design. It creates relevance, differentiation, energy, leverage and clarity. With sections in 5 theme colours that represent every unique style and message of its content, this book will reveal the power of graphics in today’s fashion world and surely be an inspirational source and a good reference for all creative individuals.

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