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Curater: Rinzen

Specs: 190 x 250 mm, 208 pp

Format: full colour, special felt cover

Release date: October 2006

Language: English

ISBN 13:978-988-98228-5-9
ISBN 10:988-98228-5-7 



Initiated by Australian design collective Rinzen in 2004, Neighbourhood is a spontaneous collaboration between artists and designers from around the world. Twenty initial featureless hand-made toys are progressively reworked, which result in a sequence of characters and styles.


The participants are free to use a myriad of techniques – stitching, painting, drawing, removing limbs, adding limbs and body parts and adding clothing and accessories. The toys are embellished or reconstructed. On completion the toys are returned for photographic documentation and then passed onto the next participant. Want to know more about the process and find out the end result? Get the book now and take it home!

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