Nice To Meet You

Visual greeting from business cards

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Editor: Victionary

Specs: 170 x 215 mm, 352 pp

Format: full colour, softcover with plastic sleeve

Release date: August 2006

Language: English

ISBN 13:978-988-98228-4-2
ISBN 10:988-98228-4-9



Got a flood of business cards from your drawers or wallet? Ever tried to throw away of them to bins? What made you do that? Because they are no use and look dull? Ever tried to think of what it really says about the related person or company? Here we comes with Nice To Meet You which brings you a great number of design solutions from an international perspective, showing how each solution is perfectly modified for a particular person or company, and offers an excellent source of inspiration for all design industries and creative individuals.


The design undertaking for a business card is never easy although it is often regarded as simple. It needs to bring out the image and the message that the person or the company wants to tell. It works as a tool of communication to the receivers, just like an advertisement. If it functions well, it should be able to connect you with the others. It may be the colour used works; it may be the proportion between type and graphics that looks interesting; it may be the material used that attracts people, all of these could be the reason to stop the receiver throwing away your card and hold on to it. So what is it that we need to pay attention during the design process and how do they work? The book will tell you all.

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