Guess Who? Series

Spot the Bad Guy!

A brain-twisting game for little detectives

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Illustrator: Elena Pokaleva

Specs: 120 x 168 x 42 mm (box)

Format: 25 character cards, 40 question cards, a case files booklet

Release date: June 2018

Language: English

ISBN 978-988-77149-8-9

For Ages 8+




Keep your eyes and minds focused in a race to name the person who broke the law or did a heroic deed! Listen to what the host says about these people and find the little things that give them away. In Guess Who? Spot The Bad Guy! 25 amateur crooks with diverse skills and tastes for wrongdoings line up to be caught while they can’t speak. With 40 cases to be solved, each set provides hours of puzzle fun for all detectives aged 8+. Only observant eyes can spot the smallest clues that reveal these people’s real identity. A case files booklet that profiles all 40 cases is included in each box.


Each game set features: 25 character cards, 40 question cards, a case files booklet

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