Tattoo Icons • Victionary 3

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Editor: Victionary

Specs: 170 x 220 mm, 432 pp

Format: full colour, hardcover with plastic slipcase, removable tattoos for trial included (limited edition only)

Release date: July 2006

Language: English

ISBN 13:978-962-86504-7-7
ISBN 10:962-86504-7-5



Following the profound success of Design For Kids from Victionary Two, the 3rd edition of Victionary series is another ingenious collaborative project to be announced. With the support of a selected group of top designers, artists and creative individuals from around the world, the limited edition of Tattoo Icons • Victionary 3 with unique reddish plastic slipcase package is now ready to present you the most thrilling and inspiring tattoo graphics.


Contribution from leading creative individuals of various mediums ranging from graphic, illustration, fashion, product and photography such as Benjamin Güedel, Eighthourday, MusaCollective, Martí Guixé, Jon Burgenman, Rinzen, Takora, Sweden Graphics and Swigg that you will find in the book, this project is set to be open and free for creative liberty in conception of the tattoo graphics. It stretches the boundaries of both the art of tattoo and contemporary graphic design through cross-pollination between medium and styles. So if you are bored with the prevalent zodiac, tribal or floral; old school, political, mythological or dark tattoo motifs, Tattoo Icons • Victionary 3 offers you insights into a selection of refreshing and unique icons, symbols, characters or even typo treated as tattoo.


To best demonstrate each distinct visual work, we have concentrated on three main areas: individual design of tattoo icons and patterns as well as a full-page format to show visual impact over a large area, and finally, for project’s experimental purpose, there are also images to reveal how designer-artists play and have fun with their reproduced tattoo graphic in fake tattoo stickers on human and animal bodies. It is the attitude that is essential and influential towards the nowadays tattoo trend.


The last but not the least, to make this interesting project more playful and experimental, selected tattoo’s artwork has been produced as detachable tattoo stickers for trial at the bookend. It is amazing our readers can really experience the tattoo power and not any one of your purchased books would have the same collection. So, are you ready for this tattoo action?

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