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Type for Type

Editor: Victionary

Specs: 190 x 255 mm, 300 pp

Format: full colour, hard cover

Language: English

ISBN 978-988-79034-2-0

Original price: USD 44.95 / £34.95 / HKD 348


On the Road to Variable

Editor: Victionary

Specs: 190 x 265 mm, 264 pp

Format: full colour, soft cover with jacket (2 color options)

Language: English

ISBN 978-988-78501-7-5

Original price: USD 39.95 / £29.95 / HKD 308


The Typefaces

Editor: Viction-Viction

Specs: 240 x 278 mm, 40 pp

Format: full colour, hard cover

Language: English

ISBN 978-988-79034-0-6

The book is illustrated by Scott Lambert.

Original price: USD 17.95 / £12.95 / HKD 148



Custom typefaces have become an increasingly common means for forward-thinking brands to establish and further strengthen their visual identities. By expressing a unique personality or supporting a campaign effectively, these typefaces go beyond aesthetics and achieving marketing objectives to build value for the brands over the long term. Type for Type collates some of the best custom typography work around the world that demonstrates both creative and commercial ingenuity. It also features cover stories that offer insights by some of the top design studios in the industry as well as compelling project- and technique-related details to inspire both designers and clients alike.





Although the technology has yet to be fully implemented, variable typography is already becoming an unstoppable force in contemporary graphic design. On the Road to Variable explores an eclectic and exciting collection of work that experiments with the modification of existing typefaces as well as the creation of new ones for a fascinating glimpse into the future of type.





Besides offering young readers a unique and compelling means to learn the alphabet, the new edition also hopes to continue encouraging people to look at familiar things in different ways while eliciting delight in new discoveries. In Scott’s own words, The Typefaces is for the designer in every child, and the child in every designer.

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