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Editor: Victionary

Specs: 220 x 245 mm, 432 pp

Format: six-colour, softcover and three colours option (Yellow, Orange & Blue), CD-ROM and toy gun included

Release date: March 2003

Language: English

ISBN 13:978-962-86504-2-2
ISBN 10:962-86504-2-4


DFK is a collaboration of artwork from over 50 artists and designers from around the world. Each artist has their own special way of interpreting their surroundings and this is due to the uniqueness of everyone’s childhood.

Just like no two fingerprints are identical, no two childhoods are identical either. We are able to draw on unique childhood experiences and to portray to you a unique “kid-self” through graphical artworks, illustrations and written essays inspired from our own childhood experiences. DFK aims to connect with the kid within us and to share enthusiasm for child-inspired artworks. It also aims to provide an additional source for creative ideas, and displays how these ideas will influence our daily creative development.

DFK inspires to reach the kid with in us and to tap into the fun, silly and imaginative kidís world presently suppressed by social norms and financial obligations. DFK opens the door and provides the red carpet for you to release your “kid-self” and to give you a chance to enter your very own kid’s world. This is a comfortable and relaxing way to distant yourself from all stresses of society.

Throughout DFK, we like to exemplify to find inspiration from a different perspective. In fact, inspiration is everywhere; it just depends on how you view your surrounding. For instance, do we see the glass half empty or half full? Even traits such as curiosity, imagination, innocence, and naivety help to give inspiration which allows our creativity to run freely. DFK is a place where we can let our imagination run freely. It allows us to freely express our diverse childhood experiences and it allows you to imagine freely without restraint. Let us find as many facets as possible to portray our childhood experiences and see how many we can actually relate to.

The Packaging Idea
By Victor Cheung

Appearing as a classic bound rounded-back book, plain as those thick periodicals running across the bookshelves, and would take Sherlock Holmes years to discover the suspicion or uncover the mystery, this Design for Kids book is indeed a pistol case in which James hides his secret weapon. While all other secret agents are worrying about their journey to hell, this secret pistol brings immediate hope back to the group. With this back drop in mind, the images are vividly recalled from my time in the 70s and early 80s, during which I was brainwashed with all the spy and mystery movies. I remembered I had once dreamed of having a book like this; this is what I call ‘COOL’! The intelligent tricks in the secret agents’ world are now becoming the trick of my book in reality. Through it, I see my everlasting “kid-self” playing an active role in the creation of this new publication.

This book is a rendezvous for our participants to unveil their surprises, powers, and imaginations. The book is not a book in this regard, but a universe in where our sliced childhood resides. Let us find as many slices as possible in “Design For Kids”, and see how many of them can easily be recognized, or be created on-the-fly. From that moment on, it becomes also your rendezvous!

To arouse more impact, 3 versions of color-cover are available for selection at worldwide specialty bookstores in March 2003.

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